Excellent health is a huge benefit. Recovering and keeping ones health in tip top shape is smart business. In researching, purchasing and using the best advertised products in the marketplace, I’ve never used anything that works as purely as Phyzix MD to benefit ones general health, inspire wellness, or aid in recovery after a hard workout. 

From Athletes to Businessmen, Soldiers, Politicians and Preachers, my journey in life has always opened unique doors where I’ve discovered high achievers in various fields of endeavor. My first dream in life was to become a professional fighter. In 1986, as a young Marine, through testing I was recognized as the best physically fit soldier in our battalion, second in our regiment. I boxed the Marine champion in my weight division and nearly knocked him out. Severe back injury ultimately prevented my boxing dream from coming true. However, you’re only as old as you feel, right? Now in my mid 50’s, with the help of Phyzix MD, I’ve been training again, and feel like I did when I was in my late 20’s. Phyzix MD really is a one of a kind product.

I’ve trained young boxers, helped MMA guys learn the basics of stand up in their fight game. I’ve worked with and mentored kids and adults, served on boards and councils, lobbied our state government and been a business owner since 1991. To test my body’s limits, in April of 2018 I went back to roughnecking in the oil field—a young man’s hard, intense work. I stayed until June of 2019. At 55 years old, I was the oldest guy out there, kickin’ it like I did in my 20’s. OOH-RAH! Stay Hard!!

I am compassionate, but an aggressive, never quit competitor and individual. I launched Xcalibur Health with the goal of reaching you with wisdom, as well as some truth about what goes into an excellent product, and lifestyle. 

I may be an anomaly, but I know the compliments I’ve received after giving Phyzix MD to friends and family. All come back with similar testimony of feeling alert, focused, energized. Everyone wants to feel good. I invite you to use it. I like French Vanilla, Metabolizer PH the best.

Our entire Phyzix MD product line is the brainchild of Dr Jeff Davis, MD. Interviewed in a 4-CD set, Dr Davis has a long list of credentials, and I include that set with your initial purchase of $100 or more. I want you well informed about everything, including our manufacturing processes, not just sold without knowing. 

Order right now and see for yourself. When you do, you’ll feel compelled to tell your friends, family, and co-workers. If you want wholesale pricing on our entire product line, (about a 20% savings) contact us and we’ll help you obtain our “Smart Shopper” status. Visit:  Bonvera.com/xcalibur 

All the best!


Kevinn Beemer