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Our critical Phyzix MD product line is the brainchild of Dr. Jeff Davis, MD.  With what’s going on in the world today, multitudes desire to feel more alert, focused and energized, all while safeguarding their health. Countless people are coming here to take the steps necessary to achieve that. The Phyzix MD product line is used in our long-term adult care business, Assisted Lifestyles, to help elderly patients gain the vital nutrition the body needs to thrive and achieve optimal performance.

On the Products page, you probably noticed a few banners. When you click on the Phyzix banner, you’ll be directed right to the page where our entire product line is hosted. Our other product banners will take you to the respective product line shown as well. There’s a lot of information withing the website. If you get lost, simply come back to the Xcalibur Health website and begin again, or contact us for help. Cheers!


Additional Information

Whether it was recognition we received as the best physically fit soldier, boxing the Marine Corps champion, working in the Oil Field, or simply taking care of the elderly, we’ve earned recognition as an athlete, soldier, politician, healthcare worker, and even ministering to people. In researching, purchasing and using the best advertised products in the marketplace, we’ve never used anything that works as purely as Phyzix MD to benefit one’s general health, inspire wellness, or aid in recovery after a hard workout. Excellent health is a huge benefit. Recovering and keeping one’s health in tip top shape is smart business.

Interviewed in a 4-CD set, Dr. Davis has a long list of credentials. It’s vital today to be well informed about product information and manufacturing processes. As long as it’s available, we’ll include that 4-CD set it with any initial $300 purchase.

For those who desire a wholesale/retail relationship, there are two levels of participation based upon your goals. Simply contact us at: info@xcaliburhealth.com  and we’ll help you determine which option best suits your goals.

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