Refund Policy

With over 30 years of experience, we’re confident our in house product brands will work for you. We believe in our products and with respect to any issues experienced, we are offering you either a refund, or replacement product, or termination pursuant to the nature of the problem or complaint. 

When you purchase the “Watch Your Lips” branded lip-balm, if within 10 days, you’re unhappy with the purchase, simply mail at your expense, the unused portion back to Xcalibur Health by U.S. Mail, to receive a 100% satisfaction money back refund. This will not and does not apply to bulk lipbalm orders. Bulk lipbalm orders are occasion oriented purchases, or special order product for resale. Bulk lipbalm orders should be chased with an email explanation by you, regarding purpose. Contact us where special product labeling may be necessary for your event, or where you’ve already interacted with us prior to placing your bulk, final purchase order. For any questions, contact us.

Third Party product offers that take you off the Xcalibur Health website itself, you must refer to that companies policies concerning their brands, services, and etc., to remedy all issues, who have their own specific policies, terms, conditions, and return or refund policies, which makes ALL Xcalibur Health policies, null and void.

As we grow and add products and services to our offerings, it is your responsibility to refer back here to review any change in our refund policy. We reserve the right to modify or update this refund policy without consent by visitors, users, or consumers of our products and services. 

We are confident our products will work for you, and that you will have a satisfactory experience while interacting with us. For additional information, refer to our Terms and Conditions policy page, and feel free to contact us anytime with any questions at: